About us

Siwan Investment is a superior organizational unit which is the central point of managing and coordinating the business activities between Austrian / European companies. Siwan has long been established in the Middle East and Europe, has been working for a long time in public and private tenders and management of industrial projects. The company’s activities represent the following industrial and administrative services:
  • ICT and data protection.
  • Public transportation solutions (buses) inside and outside cities.
  • Building and operating infrastructure for transportation systems and smart roads.
  • Renewable energy projects , whether by wind or solar energy.
  • Waste recycling technology projects and sewage treatment technology.
  • Waste-to-energy projects (BioGas & Biodesiel).
  • Tramway , railway and ropeway systems.
  • Steel fabrication and Machining activities.
  • Marine pollution solutions,Soil remediation.
  • Research and technology.
  • Mobile crushers,Stockpiling conveyors.
  • Consultancy of infrastructure projects.
  • Commercial Agencies.


We are providing our valuable customers and partners with a wide range of services, and performing the projects by our partners in the Worldwide.

Our Values

Every business is made up of individuals.  And it is the values of these individuals that drive the core values of the organisation.
At Siwan Investment , we drive our business on the core values of Professionalism, Dedication, Transparency, Health and Safety.